Rapid Reading Assessment
Eye Tracking & AI

Lexplore: A Clear View of Reading

Lexplore is an innovative rapid reading assessment, powered by eye tracking and artificial intelligence. In just 2 minutes, you get a clear view of a student’s reading level and recommendations for instruction. Thanks to eye tracking, this unique high tech process even provides fluency data for silent reading.

“It’s quick, straight forward, easy to use and very teacher friendly!”


You can use Lexplore for placement decisions, resource allocation decisions, and progress monitoring every three months. Results can be viewed at the district, school, classroom and individual student levels. You get highly accurate, objective data that can be shared at parent teacher conferences and IEP meetings. You can use Lexplore as a universal screener for dyslexia, and meet new state mandates quickly. Lexplore only takes about 2 minutes per student, so you can complete screenings for your entire school in a matter of days instead of weeks.

                   Stronger Reader                                                                        Weaker Reader

“Lexplore helped reveal students who were not previously identified as having any reading difficulties. Teachers can take action immediately to get them reading at grade level.”

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