Rapid Reading Assessment
Eye Tracking & Artificial Intelligence

Lexplore: A Clear View of Reading

Lexplore is an innovative rapid reading assessment. It’s powered by eye-tracking and artificial intelligence technologies. In just 2 minutes, a teacher is able to obtain a student’s reading level. This unique high-tech process provides teachers with real-time data for intervention that directly correlates to a student’s reading capability.

“It is quick, straight forward, easy to use and very teacher friendly!”

Teachers can use Lexplore for placement decisions, resource allocation decisions, and progress monitoring every three months. Results can be viewed at the district, school, classroom and individual student level. The objective information can be shared at parent teacher conferences and IEP meetings.

“The assessment helped reveal students who were not previously identified as having any reading difficulties.”

Students with reading challenges can be quickly identified and teachers can take action immediately to get them on track to reading at or above grade level.