A Clear View of Reading!

A unique AI based method of assessing reading

Our work at Lexplore is centered around a groundbreaking method of measuring reading ability using artificial intelligence and eye tracking technology, to offer an entirely new insight into literacy.

This unique, paperless approach to assessment is backed by extensive and peer-reviewed research, originating from the renowned Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

For the first time, Lexplore makes the act of reading visible, even when students read silently. Eye tracking technology gives a window into each students’ reading processes quickly, easily, and objectively, achieving valuable insights that human beings cannot provide. Statistics show us that students’ reading ability is in decline and the ‘pandemic slip’ has added to this critical issue. We must act now to avoid further serious problems. Lexplore gives us an immediate and direct line of sight into reading ability  in a way that causes least anxiety for the student and saves the teacher critical time. Every school should be a Lexplore school!

Fran Reddan – Former Principal of Mentone Girls Grammar – K-12, Australia

We show you reading in a way that you have never seen before…

By measuring when, where and how a student’s eyes move in relation to the words they are reading, the assessment quickly analyses their skills across key reading components, determines their ability and highlights potential barriers in a matter of minutes.

With immediate and fully objective results, educators can implement their pre-chosen literacy intervention programs, or work with our dedicated, curriculum-aligned resources to support both emerging, and fluent readers in their literacy journey.

One of the main reasons we chose Lexplore is because it frees up so much time! Previously it took teachers an entire term to do accurate assessments on their whole class. By contrast, within five minutes of each Lexplore assessment, we had objective results of reading activity and accurate attainment levels.

Adam Luxford – Data Protection Officer – Freemantle Church of England Academy – UK 

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