We have lots of exciting opportunities for individuals and organisations working in the education community to join our partner team as we look to grow the presence of our entirely unique assessment.

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Microsoft is

an education specialist focused on access to education for all students.

Lexplore partners with Microsoft to drive equity and inclusion so that all children have access to learning opportunities.

Lexplore & Microsoft Education Solutions 



Accessibility and Inclusion are at the heart of Lexplore. The use of AI and eye-tracking enables all primary and secondary students to be universally screened for reading, even those who struggle to read aloud. Additionally, Lexplore is the only reading assessment, worldwide, to capture silent reading fluency, enabling an accurate reading assessment of non-verbal students as well. 

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Softlink offers a library management system catering for the reading and literacy levels of all students. 

Softlink Library software engages students with a wide range of literacies to meet the future demands of study. School libraries are adapting and expanding their resources to ensure they deliver relevant learning opportunities to all students.

Softlink provides schools and education departments with the library software they need to innovate, collaborate and improve educational outcomes in an evolving digital environment.

The Softlink Education community includes over six thousand schools worldwide.

Lexplore partners with Softlink to ensure that once students are assessed for their literacy levels, they are referred to Softlink library services for the relevant reading material for their ongoing literacy development, with global resources at hand.

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Wordsmart Kids provides 29 STEPS TO READING through an easy-to-use App.
WordSmart Kids is a fun, learn to read experience for all beginner readers, including those with learning differences.
Lexplore and Wordsmart partner provide relevant reading material for school and home to support children’s literacy.




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