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How many children can be tested in one day?

We encourage schools to aim to test around 40 pupils in one school day. As each test takes between two to five minutes this also allows plenty of time for pupils to leave and return to their lessons.

 “Our previous reading age tests were very time-consuming. Lexplore brings everything together in minutes, including reading ages and difficulties. I can get through two Year 6 classes in a day, and could manage the whole school in a few days.” 

Aimee Cave – Pocklington Junior School

What if schools do not already have the hardware needed?

We would not expect schools to have many eye trackers lying around, so we include this hardware in the cost of a first-year license. We not only include the eye tracker but also all training and support. Most schools will already have laptops and monitors which can be used for the assessment although we can provide these at an additional cost if required.

How many times should pupils be tested in one year?

We recommend that all children are tested at the beginning and the end of the academic year and that those at low or below average levels are tested again in the middle. Regular testing enables teachers to closely monitor reading progress and the outcome of our targeted interventions for each pupil.

What is the Karolinska Institute?

The Karolinska Institute is not only Sweden’s largest centre of medical academic research, but also one of the world’s foremost medical universities. They offer the largest range of medical courses in Sweden and since 1901 their Assembly has selected the Nobel laureates in Physiology or Medicine.

The researchers and founders behind Lexplore Analytics still carry out their work at the Marianne Bernadotte Centre within the Institute today.

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How do we secure your data?

At Lexplore we have standardised policies and procedures in place to ensure that the data we process is protected.

Our team also has inherent knowledge and experience working within education and data protection; we conduct regular policy reviews to ensure all procedures are kept up to date.  As an organisation, we also implement training for staff to ensure our policies and knowledge of data protection and cybersecurity law is kept up to date.

Access to data through the Results Portal is only granted through a strong two-stage authentication process. We are able to grant individuals within a school or organisation access to the results on different levels, so they are provided with only the relevant data they require.

More information can be found in our Data Protection Policy or you can contact data.privacy@lexplore.com to find out more.

Data Protection Policy

Will AI technology replace our teachers and SENCOs?

Whist our algorithms are extremely powerful they will never be a substitute for a good teacher! Our technology simply helps free up valuable resources so teachers can spend their time doing what they do best – supporting their pupils.

How do eye movements reflect reading attainment?

Reading involves a complicated interplay between many different cognitive and linguistic processes. Measuring when, where, and how a child’s eyes move in relation to the words they read allows us to quickly evaluate how effectively these processes work together and pick up on minor differences in the way they process text.

 “Eye movements is one of the best ways to index reading ability at an incredibly in-depth level.” 

Julie Kirkby – Professor in Psychologu at Bournemouth University

Our Eye tracking assessment has been developed following over 30 years of peer-reviewed research at one of the leading medical institutes in the world into the unique insight eye movements can offer us into reading.

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Why Lexplore?

Our time and resource-efficient assessment makes it easy for schools to gain a clear understanding of each pupil’s reading attainment, and monitor their progress over time. Working with our assessment and dedicated interventions package has many benefits for pupils, teachers, and schools alike…

 ” Thanks to Lexplore we now have a rigorous and quick method of assessing children’s reading ability. We can assess children without adding to the workload of class teachers, with the intention of providing effective interventions without creating unnecessary admin “ 

Adam Luxford – Freemantle Community Academy

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How much does Lexplore Cost?

Despite using some of the latest AI technology, our assessment is surprisingly time and cost-effective for schools, private tutors, and individuals!

We have many flexible packages and offers available, so please do get in touch with our sales team who can provide you with a tailored quotation.

 ” I have worked in the EdTech market for many years and have seen school spending squeezed every year, we have chosen Lexplore as it represents great value for money as well as helping students improve their literacy. “ 

Trevor Hensley, Red Five

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