Primary Schools…

In the primary classroom, our technology can help to provide an invaluable insight into children’s reading and help to pinpoint literacy barriers at the earliest opportunity.

The tests showed one of our Grade 2 girls was finding reading difficult but this was something we hadn’t spotted before. She had developed effective coping strategies to manage those difficulties. We hadn’t realised that she needed support.

Jayne Mullane – Headteacher – Mersey Vale Primary School, UK

We know that early identification of reading difficulties is critical in transforming a child’s education experience. However, the complexity of reading is often underestimated, and specific difficulties are not always easy to spot and often remain undetected.

The key to early identification and tailored intervention is effective and accurate assessment. However, many traditional assessments look at reading components in isolation, leading to endless hours for teachers to build a true picture of each student’s reading, and thus being able to identify those experiencing specific difficulties. Even then, discovering exactly which area of reading a student is struggling with, can be difficult.

Current reading assessments are simply not good enough. When we look at a standard test score in isolation, it tells us a child can’t read. It doesn’t tell us why that child can’t read. Lexplore gives us much more than a simple score or percentile.

Bernadette McLean – Former Principal of the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre, UK


Early Intervention


By combining the latest in AI and eye tracking technology, Lexplore can offer an entirely new perspective into children’s reading. With immediate, objective and in-depth results, teachers can determine which children require extra support earlier in their education, enabling all students the chance to develop a lifelong love of reading.

If a student does not learn to read, they then have a very hard time absorbing knowledge, and you end up far behind, pretty quickly. If you have the ability to read, you have won so much!”

Sara Carlson – Principal – Torsviks Skola, Lindingo, Sweden