Secondary Schools…

For many students, whose difficulties have remained hidden throughout their primary education, entering secondary school can cause significant challenges as they move into heavier reading content and workload.

However, the Lexplore assessment can quickly and efficiently provide teachers with an in-depth view of a student’s reading in a matter of minutes. It also offers a unique insight into a students’ silent reading skills, which has proven invaluable within the secondary classroom, especially when it comes to gathering important evidence for further support during Year 11 & 12 studies and exams.

In addition, with no marking required, teachers are saved countless hours of administration time, and importantly, with the implementation of recovery curriculum post COVID-19, schools can quickly and easily evaluate and closely measure the effectiveness of their intervention programs. 

There is enormous scope for technology and AI to transform aspects of education. Not by taking the role of teachers, but by saving them time and helping to identify difficulties so they can be addressed early enough to make a difference. 

Mark Fraser – Education Consultant, Australia