The Technology

At Lexplore, we combine the latest in both AI and eye-tracking technology with the ‘human touch’ of teachers. By analysing correlations and patterns in eye movement data, our machine learning models can quickly and objectively determine reading ability.

Some of these patterns might elude the human assessment or other computer programs therefore, its introduction into the classroom can offer teachers an entirely different perspective when it comes to reading, and it does so in a matter of minutes!  

Importantly, Lexplore’s technology, which is already a leader in its field providing a 97 percent reading assessment accuracy, will continue to evolve as the AI learns from the data it collects. The more it is used in schools, the more accurate a picture of reading it will provide. Artificial Intelligence can have a transformational impact in the classroom, helping save valuable time, level the educational playing field and contribute to an improved school environment for every student and teacher.