Lexplore Intensive

Lexplore Intensive is an all-encompassing reading development and intervention program pioneered by experienced dyslexia specialists, Pamela Hanigan and Rachel Gelder, who in 2014, formed Lancashire Dyslexia Information Guidance and Support (LDIGS).

Pamela and Rachel have a wealth of educational experience as both teacher and SENCo in assessing students for dyslexia. In addition, they provide support through training and consultancy.

Their Intensive Program is based on the principles of Letters and Sounds and is broken down into five coloured categories which link to our AI Assessment. It has been designed to improve reading ability at all levels, from emergent to fluent.

The Lexplore Intensive program is available in both digital and PDF format for all customers who have purchased the Core package. You can find out more by listening to Pamela and Rachel’s introductory webinar – Here

  • Lexplore Intensive removes the need for lesson planning around interventions strategies


  • The program is inclusive for all pupils, including neurodiverse and EAL learners, with strategies for both weaker and stronger readers


  • Lexplore Intensive is based upon the principles of Precision Teaching and supports the Recovery Curriculum, with specific multisensory strategies to develop students’ working memory and metacognition


  • Full instruction guides for teachers, marking sheets and student copies are available for all levels. The guides and instruction booklets also add to teaching staff CPD, providing in depth knowledge and easily implemented strategies


  • Lexplore Intensive will continue to be developed, adapted and broadened in line with future curriculum guidance and strategies to support reading development.


An intro to Lexplore Intensive – The Webinar

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