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How AI and Eye Tracking Could Soon Help Schools Screen for Dyslexia

“Today’s methods are quite cumbersome,” explains Frederik Wetterhall, the CEO and co-founder of Lexplore, a company that has devised a dyslexia screening tool that pairs eye tracking cameras with AI and algorithms. “With paper- and pen-based tests, it’s quite hard to read the results and takes a lot of time. [Educators] ask, ‘Who are the kids we think have difficulties?’ and they miss a lot of kids.”

Awards & Recognitions

Hundred is a not-for-profit organization that discovers inspiring innovations in K12 education. HundrED’s goal is to help improve education and inspire a grassroots movement through encouraging pedagogically sound, ambitious innovations to spread across the world. Lexplore was appointed one of the world’s 100 most inspiring innovations in education in October 2017.

Awards & Recognitions

EdTech Startup Award 2016

Winner of ED Tech Startup awards 2016. The jury’s motivation: “[Lexplore] – to highlight and solve a significant societal problem with cutting edge technology and a research-based solution that is easy to use, scalable and cost-effective.”