Lexplore Testimonials...

Anna Pagdiwalla

Principal • Mayor Private School, Abu Dhabi

“ Based on the results of the first assessment, we made rigorous changes in our plan for our reading program. Many of our students have moved from Average level to High by the end of the year. The recordings of each student helps us to understand the difficulty the child is facing ”


Rhiannon Chantler


” When pupils join a secondary school in Year 7 it’s a real challenge for teachers to work out what levels they are at, particularly in reading and writing. Most schools have multiple feeder schools, and there is no uniform system for progress reporting. What Lexplore Analytics delivers in a few minutes is an accurate insight into reading, which can also help us determine whether there are any issues.

Establishing what level pupils are at early in Year 7 is critical to get them working at the right level, without wasting time. “

Bernadette McLean


“ If we don’t want struggling readers to lose confidence, we need to radically change how and when we pick up on literacy issues. Current reading assessments are simply not good enough. When we look at a standard test score in isolation, it tells us that a child can’t read. It doesn’t tell us why that child can’t read. Lexplore gives us much more than a simple score or percentile, making it easier for teachers to uncover the potential reasons why a child cannot read. “

” Teachers are already under a huge amount of pressure in the classroom, so it’s imperative to get as much information into their hands as possible about children’s literacy. New developments in AI technology by Lexplore are paving the way for exactly this. By using AI technology to monitor how a child’s eye moves when reading – in a way that’s quick, easy and fun for the child – it’s possible to gain incredibly detailed insight into how his or her brain is processing text at different levels. “

Jayne Mullane


“We have found the results of the screening confirm and back-up other assessments that we carry out in school as well as highlighting some children (particularly girls and those who use coping strategies to present as confident readers) who may have a reading difficulty that has not previously been recognised.

The screening process is quick, straightforward and easy to manage within the normal day-to-day organisation of school. The presentation of results is clear, visual and easily accessible both with regard to whole class/ school outcomes and individual results. We especially like the ability to watch the actual recording of eye-movement whilst hearing the child read aloud.

We are impressed by the privacy of the results which require appropriate security measures to access. The results have enabled us to plan more targeted intervention and adapt quality first teaching to meet the needs of all children.

We are planning to use the results within forthcoming transition meetings between class teachers. Feedback from children was really positive and they are looking forward to the next screening sessions.”

Nicki Oliveri


“ Lexplore is a one of a kind, unique, and visually appealing for kids! My school has been using Lexplore for the past 2 years and couldn’t be more thrilled with the data we receive through this testing device. I find that the students who I test are super engaged and interested in this different testing style. Thank you Lexplore for helping us better personalize for our students! ”


Polly Williams


“ Lexplore’s reading screening tool helps teachers and parents understand how effectively and efficiently students are reading.  The screening process is quick and easy to administer.  Accompanying reports provide data on rate, retrieval, and fluency components of the reading process.  The instrument contributes to our understanding of the needs and progress of each of our students and provides important communication for parents.  It also helps us direct resources to optimize learning throughout our Early Learning program. ”


Elizabeth Monaghan


Having an unbiased way to assess children’s reading ability can help. Once the foundations of reading in English are in place, we use Lexplore.

The assessment helps us identify which pupils find reading difficult regardless of their fluency in English. And importantly, we are now able to spot possible underlying reading issues which could be masked by a lack of language knowledge.

Assessments that are less reliant on fluency in English give us a more accurate picture of pupils’ reading attainment which we can continue to measure during their time with us.”

Aimee Cave


Lexplore is an excellent tool for assessing whether pupils require extra time in SATs tests. You can quickly determine whether a pupil is reading quickly enough and know that you will have an accurate, objective answer alongside the evidence base to prove this.

Catarina Kristhammar

Kristinehamn Municipality

” We can already see an insight into reading that we have not previously had the opportunity to see and we can say, with the evidence to back this, that we need to work on literacy across the municipality. “

Fredrik Norlin

Kristinehamn Municipality

For us as principals, it is extremely important that we, through the opportunity with Lexplore, take a unified and structured approach to reading development together with all compulsory school units. It was a decision we made early and there was a broad consensus among our school leaders in this. “

Hanna Rådehed


” After the latest test, we implemented reading development material from Lexplore Intensive for all students. We also contacted the parents and asked them to work with children at home. Of the sixteen students, in a cohort of 50 children, who showed concern at the first test, only four remained after the second test a month later. So it is possible to get a completely different result with intensive training in a short time. “

Torsvik’s school

” The best thing about Lexplore is that we very quickly get a clear and objective result relating to each student’s reading ability – and based on this, we can make extra adjustments at an early stage, especially supporting and challenging students who need it. “

Hanna Rådehed

School Leader and Teacher • Fyren Ekalmen

” If a student does not know a math number, it is immediately apparent, but this does not have to be the case with reading. It is interesting to think about what would happen if the school had been able to discover and help students with reading at a younger age. Here we want to do our very best for our students, and now there is the technology to help us do this. “