Case Studies

All Saints’ CE Academy

At All Saints’ we value reading as a key life skill and are dedicated to ensuring that all our children develop a lifelong love and passion for it. We encourage this by exposing them to a wide range of high-quality genres and authors. We were looking for a programme that would provide us with accurate and comparable reading data, as well as support us in identifying areas where pupils as struggling and generate bespoke interventions for us to run with. We then found Lexplore Analytics and that is exactly what it does!

Pocklington Junior School

With 267 pupils aged seven to 11 years old, Pocklington Junior School specialises in numeracy, literacy, SEN and ITT. The school has a higher than average percentage of SEND students. For this reason, staff are now focusing on making reading more accessible to all children. The school implemented Lexplore Analytics as part of their new reading intervention scheme and have already seen some astounding results!

Hawkedale Primary School

With more children to focus on and support, the school wanted to ensure teachers had access to more information about how their pupils learn. The Lexplore reading assessment programme was introduced to deliver the insight teachers needed to raise achievement across the school as it continued to grow.

Freemantle C of E Community Academy

Nearly half of pupils at Freemantle C of E Community Academy speak English as an additional language (EAL), and almost all are new to English when they arrive. With a quarter also eligible for Pupil Premium, the school aims to open up opportunities for every child by getting them on track with their reading. To make sure that all pupils have the opportunity to fly high with their reading skills whatever their circumstances, Freemantle introduced Lexplore’s reading assessment programme…

Mersey Vale Primary School

Mersey Vale Primary was determined to make sure every pupil with a reading difficulty could be identified and provided with targeted support. But the reading assessments the school used to evaluate its pupils only told part of the story. So over a period of two days, every child from Year 2 to Year 5 took the Lexplore reading assessment. Find out more about Lexplore in Mersey Vale by reading our Case Study…