All Saints’ CE Academy

At All Saints’ we value reading as a key life skill and are dedicated to ensuring that all our children develop a lifelong love and passion for it. We encourage this by exposing them to a wide range of high-quality genres and authors.

Reading contributes to the whole school curriculum and is the key to academic success. We, therefore, teach pupils in a safe, secure, and stimulating environment which enables them to flourish as readers and learners.

The teaching of reading is coherently planned using our systematic, synthetic phonics programme. Through a continuous cycle of planning, teaching and assessment, we support the learning journeys of all children, helping to ensure that they leave us as competent and confident readers, ready for the next stage of their life.

Unlocking potential beyond the curriculum

By teaching systematic, synthetic phonics we aim for all children to become fluent readers by the end of Key Stage One. This is evidenced by our phonics screening results which our children always achieve very well in. As children move through the school, we can then focus on improving their fluency and comprehension. Although reading is the key to all learning, we also firmly believe that its impact goes far beyond the results of statutory assessments.

We promote reading for pleasure as part of our curriculum. Children speak positively about reading and they enjoy reading as a part of their daily lives. They relish the idea of exploring a new book together and they independently understand the importance of reading as a lifelong skill.

The importance of accurate assessments

Assessing reading accurately has always been a challenge. We have used various standardised tests to give us reading age data which we can track and share with parents. However, not all these scores have given a true reflection of where we, as teachers assess our own pupils to be.

We were looking for a programme that would provide us with accurate and comparable reading data, as well as support us in identifying areas where pupils as struggling and generate bespoke interventions for us to run with. We then found Lexplore Analytics and that is exactly what it does! KS1 Teacher Fiona Tomlinson explained:

Lexplore has enabled us to identify children who need extra support with their reading. It is quick and easy to assess the whole class. The fact that it pinpoints exactly what the gaps are makes it easier to target interventions and the progress we have seen has been almost instant. Results have been far more in-line with teacher assessments than any other reading tests that we have tried. The children also enjoy the interventions and the impact is already evident in their progress. 

The gift that keeps on giving

Indeed, not only do the assessments provide detailed data specifying where pupils are struggling, but also dedicated and comprehensive interventions for fluent and emerging readers a like. So far, the impact has been demonstrable!

“I look forward to analysing data over the next academic year and having a greater insight into how pupils are performing in all areas of reading.” Says Executive Head, Rebecca Walker.

The programme, according to Teaching Assistant Anna Brookes,  really is the gift that keeps on giving!

Training and support from the Lexplore team has been exemplary and from our 1st training session we knew we were in good hands and were investing in something fantastic for our children.

The assessments were easy to carry out and I found that the children were relaxed and unphased by them, some have even asked when we are doing them again! The results are instant and within a short space of time we had a very clear understanding of where our children were, where the gaps were and what we needed to focus on. Following a very unsettled educational year this insight has been invaluable as we wanted to hit the ground running and support our pupils as best as we could.

Rebuilding confidence and self-esteem

Each child receives individualised recommendations of interventions. As a learning professional you are able tailor and adjust these as you go along. This fluidity has meant we have had some very productive weeks and are already seeing results.

Not only are children benefitting from the phonetical advantages of the programme, but this is also translating into their confidence and ability in writing and spelling in class. It has helped them adjust back to focusing for periods of time following such a long time out of the classroom, which is hugely beneficial.

As I meet daily with so many children, I have been able to build positive relationships with them and check in with things that have worried them about coming back to school. It has been so positive for their mental health, and I am able to build those children up daily so that their confidence transfers into the rest of their school life.

When time does not allow for me to meet all children individually, group and paired intervention work has been hugely beneficial. There seems no bounds to the programme’s flexibility in maintaining progress.

We are very impressed with Lexplore so far and look forward to seeing the results of our next assessments.

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