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EIT Digital Challenge

Winner of the EIT Digital Challenge 2017 in the category “Digital Wellbeing” at the European Institute and Technology (EIT).

EIT Digital has named Lexplore as the best European technology scaleup 2017 in the field of Digital Wellbeing
The tech venture from Sweden has developed a method using artificial intelligence and machine learning for identifying children with dyslexia – specific reading and writing disabilities – as early as grade 1.

Lexplore’s research-based method is extremely accurate, at 95%. Lexplore, the developer of an artificial intelligence and machine learning method for identifying children with dyslexia, has won first prize in the Digital Wellbeing category of the annual EIT Digital Challenge.

The prize includes a €50,000 cash prize and full year of growth support from the EIT Digital Accelerator worth an additional €50,000.

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