About us

The Lexplore Team includes people with varying backgrounds and experiences, each with a driving desire for all children to discover the joys of reading.

Our passion for education was the foundation for starting Lexplore. We know that success in school and beyond depends on reading ability. We know that early detection of reading challenges can play a pivotal role in reading success.

Lexplore provides a digital, evidence-based way to measure a student’s reading level. In about 3 minutes, you get accurate reading data, along with recommendations for instruction. You can use the data to organize reading classrooms, make resource allocation decisions, evaluate reading programs, and most importantly – chart each student’s reading growth over time.

Our method and data are designed to give you a clear view of all students’ reading levels and flag those who are at risk of reading failure. Ongoing use of Lexplore, along with proper interventions, ensures that no student slips through the cracks.

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