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Since the launch of our award-winning assessment in 2018, Lexplore has been offering schools an entirely new perspective on a student’s reading ability.

Lexplore is the first fully objective reading assessment combining the latest in AI and eye tracking technology. Lexplore evaluates a student across key reading components, determines reading ability level, and highlights specific difficulties in a matter of minutes.

With immediate, objective, and in-depth results, teachers can determine which students require extra support much earlier in their education and help all students develop a lifelong love of reading early on. 

We all know that the early identification of reading difficulties can transform a child’s entire educational experience. However, the complexity of reading is often underestimated, and specific difficulties are not always easy to spot.  It is estimated that more than 60% of US students are not meeting grade level standards by 4th grade.

Using the data from Lexplore … we have increased our ability to target students at-risk for dyslexia with explicit, systematic instructional strategies. It is our goal that with the data from Lexplore we can intervene early to change the trajectory of our at-risk students’ educational careers.

Principal – Mahtomedi Public Schools

For many children, whose reading difficulties went undetected throughout their elementary education, the barriers they face in the classroom can prevent them from accessing rich content or lead to them being taught in lower ability classes where they are not engaged or challenged.

Comprehensive and accurate assessment is the key to early identification and tailored intervention. However, many traditional assessments look at the reading components in isolation of one another, making it more difficult for a teacher to build a true picture of each student’s reading ability and identify those experiencing specific difficulties.  When assessments provide only standard scores or obscure band ranges, the task of discerning which area of reading that a child is struggling with becomes even more difficult.

Lexplore’s unique and proven technology can provide teachers with an in-depth view of a child’s reading in just a few minutes. The assessment can also offer important insight into a child’s silent reading skills, which has proven invaluable at the middle school level and for students who are nonverbal.

I know exactly how to help my students using Lexplore data.  It’s clear and accurate.

Teacher – Oregon City School District

With the assessment taking only a matter of minutes and requiring no manual calculations, it saves teachers countless hours of administrative time and helps schools quickly and easily evaluate their reading programs, closely measure the impact interventions and help all students engage and develop a love of reading away from traditional assessments.

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