For Supplemental Educational Service Providers

Lexplore offers an entirely new perspective on children’s reading with the first fully objective reading assessment combining the latest in AI and eye tracking technology.

Lexplore analyzes a student’s skills across key reading components, determines their reading ability level, and highlights specific difficulties in a matter of minutes.

How can Lexplore benefit my business?

Lexplore provides fully automated results – no calculation or expertise needed. Easy to use and highly accurate, Lexplore helps providers quickly identify who can benefit from additional support. Furthermore, Lexplore is used for progress monitoring to demonstrate the benefit of support and growth of the student.  Results are clear and easy for parents to understand and the video and audio recordings are a powerful differentiator for businesses.

Individual site license and hardware packages start at $1,975.00. The annual subscription automatically renews after one year for a total of $995.00 per site.

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