Funding is Available!

We are committed to helping educators support students with reading development. Lexplore qualifies for several state and federal funding programs, and we’ve made it a little easier for you to find a way to partner with us.

The American Rescue Plan includes $123 billion for K-12 schools. The focus is on helping schools reopen and helping students close the COVID learning gap.

What are the funding guidelines? funding guidelines

  • $22 billion to address learning loss
  • $2.6 billion to support students with disabilities
  • $1.2 billion to support summer enrichment and after-school programs

How does Lexplore meet the funding qualifications?

  • addresses learning loss
  • supports students with disabilities
  • supports summer enrichment and after-school programs
  • provides solutions through educational technology
  • uses an evidence-based assessment

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Funding Opportunities

Source of Funds Lexplore qualifies by supporting…
  • Educational technology
  • Summer learning programs
  • Support for ELL students
  • Support for students with disabilities
  • Learning loss during COVID 19
  • Educational technology
  • Evidence based assessment
Title I, Part A: Education for the disadvantaged
  • Schools with a high percentage of pupils in poverty
Title I, Part C : Migrant Education Program
  • Migrant education and immigration education
Title I, Part D: Neglected and Delinquent Programs
  • Neglected, delinquent or at-risk students
Title II, Part A : Supporting Effective Instruction
  • Professional development
Title III: English Language Acquisition
  • English language learners
Title IV, Part A: Student Support and Academic Enrichment
  • Well-rounded education, student support
Title V, Part B: REAP and SRSA
  • Rural and small rural education
Title VI: Indian Education
  • American Indian and Alaska Native education
Title VII: Impact Aid
  • Schools on federal land or with federally disconnected students.
Title X, Part A: McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance
  • Homeless and foster students
IDEA: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
  • Special education for children with disabilities
Johnson O’Malley Act, Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) academic support


Donors Choice

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  • Funding is provided by private donations. Funds may be matched by non-profit or private organizations.

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Nicki Oliveri

ACE Teacher • Otay Ranch Academy for the Arts

“ Lexplore is one of a kind, unique, and visually appealing for kids! My school has been using Lexplore for the past 2 years and couldn’t be more thrilled with the data we receive through this testing device. I find that the students who I test are super engaged and interested in this different testing style. Thank you Lexplore for helping us better personalize for our students! ”

Polly Williams

Early Learning Principal • The Galloway School

“ Lexplore’s reading screening tool helps teachers and parents understand how effectively and efficiently students are reading.  The screening process is quick and easy to administer.  Accompanying reports provide data on rate, retrieval, and fluency components of the reading process.  The instrument contributes to our understanding of the needs and progress of each of our students and provides important communication for parents.  It also helps us direct resources to optimize learning throughout our Early Learning program. ”