The Summer Reading Routine

As children learn to read, it is important they develop the skills in all five essential reading components: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension and vocabulary. With the Lexplore Summer Reading Routine, students will work on skills in each component every week with our fun rocket calendar and activity sheet.

Reading Comprehension

Quality comprehension instruction is the key to developing good strong readers. These FREE printable lessons, materials and graphic organizers can help support your comprehension instruction and student learning!


Fluency is the key to comprehension and should be integrated into explicit instruction and independent practice. These FREE downloadable activities and ANCHOR CHARTS will provide you with quick meaningful activities to help your students become strong fluent readers!


Decoding is the most fundamental reading strategy all students need to become good readers. This link includes decoding activities and ANCHOR CHARTS for letter sounds, blending, digraphs, word endings, long vowels, syllabication and more!

Phonological Awareness

Phonological awareness is the foundation all students need to become good strong readers. While phonological awareness is based on oral language, these activities and materials help provide students with tactile, multisensory experiences to help all them develop this first, necessary building block of reading…

Classroom Anchor Charts

We know that successful instruction is dependent upon good classroom management. Here are some FREE printable high-resolution anchor charts to assist you with your routines for partner reading, group learning, partner share and more!

SvD & Carnegie

SvD Näringsliv and the investment bank Carnegie’s prize “Entrepreneur of the future” [Lexplore] was recently named as ‘Entrepreneur of the Future’ by Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet, (SvD), and Carnegie. The [..]

Serendipity Challenge 2016

Finalist in the Serendipity Challenge 2016. Serendipity Challenge is an annual national competition open to all Swedish and Nordic entrepreneur-led start-up and growth companies. The final of the competition will [..]

Nordic Edtech Award 2017

Winner of NordicEdTechAward, a competition in which the Nordic region’s best innovations within Edtech compete against each other. «An Edtech product with medical precision representing the Nordic values of equality, [..]