EIT Digital Challenge: Lexplore Named Best Scale-Up In Digital Wellbeing

Lexplore , the developer of an artificial intelligence and machine learning method for identifying children with dyslexia, has won first prize in the Digital Wellbeing category of the annual EIT Digital Challenge .

The prize includes a EUR 50 000 cash prize and full year of growth support from the EIT Digital Accelerator worth an additional EUR 50 000.

‘Dyslexia is a difficult word for a pretty common problem that can make life tough: reading and writing disabilities. It is estimated that between 10 and 20 per cent of the population suffers from dyslexia, which may vary by country, explained Dominik Krabbe, EIT Digital Challenge Lead. He continued: ‘The EIT Digital Challenge aims to detect Europe’s best digital technology scale-ups that promise to improve the life of Europe’s citizens and strengthen the economy. With the EIT Digital Accelerator, we will now support Lexplore to expand internationally and make their method available to more people in Europe and beyond.’

‘Winning would give us a lot credibility and trust. And we did indeed obtain the best possible endorsement for our solution as EIT Digital believed in us and chose us as the winner,’ said Lexplore CEO Fredrik Wetterhall.

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