Introducing the Top 8 EdTech Trends for 2018: Are You Ready?

The EdTech market is complex — with rules all its own. What is being “sold” is not technology, it is the education of future generations. — Patrick Brothers, Navitas Ventures.

For this reason, I asked EdTech experts about educational technology trends for 2018. In total I received answers from 13 experts, comprising of CEOs & founders of EdTech startups, EdTech cluster leaders as well as eminent teachers. Let’s find out what they had to say…

  1. Without creativity technology is nothing
  2. Analytics and data rules
  3. Standardisation in EdTech products
  4. Online learning apps continue to boom
  5. Embrace VR/AR in education
  6. Better and more accessible education for all
  7. Correlation between improved social-emotional skills and student wellbeing
  8. Integrated learning experience

I believe that major trends in the EdTech sector in 2018 will focus more on customer value rather than technology. I also think that AI solutions, that are doing more than just digitilizing a form, will get a broader acceptance. -Fredrik Wetterhall, CEO, Lexplore

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