Lexplore Partners with Brainspring to Offer Technology Enhanced Assessments and Student Progress Monitoring to Increase Students’ Reading Abilities

Lexplore and Brainspring are excited to announce their partnership to provide support to schools and school districts across the country. Lexplore’s rapid and accurate screening tool will help teachers understand the reading levels for individual students. Brainspring provides continuing education opportunities for teachers with their Orton-Gillingham multisensory Phonics First® and Structures® for classroom and intervention settings. This partnership will allow teachers the opportunity to assess, intervene and provide consistent monitoring on students’ reading progress in their classroom.  With the identification of reading levels at an early age, intervention can begin when needed so students won’t lag behind their peers. In addition, this partnership will support educators who need to meet the growing dyslexia legislative requirements throughout the country.

 Lexplore uses eye-tracking technology and artificial intelligence to determine overall reading ability, risk for dyslexia, fluency level, comprehension level and recommendations for instruction.   They offer educators an evidence-based way of measuring student reading levels. Lexplore’s accurate and objective screening tool helps teachers identify struggling readers in about  2 minutes. Students enjoy this quick interactive experience.

For over 25 years, Brainspring has provided continuing education opportunities for teachers with their Orton-Gillingham multisensory Phonics First® and Structures® for classroom and intervention settings. Brainspring’s Educator Academy team continues to empower teachers nationwide, increasing knowledge, expertise and ultimately success. Working in tandem, Lexplore and Brainspring can help teachers bring the joy of reading to all of their students.  

Of the partnership, Brainspring’s General Manager, Tim Crawford, said, “I am very excited to partner with Lexplore to look at ways we can further support our educational partners across the country. They have an excellent team with knowledgeable leadership.”

In addition, Lexplore and Brainspring will exhibit together at the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) Annual Conference from October 24th to October 26th at the Foxwood Resorts in Mashantucket, Connecticut. The IDA’s Annual International Conference is the premier professional development conference dedicated to dyslexia.   Brainspring has been a long-time partner and accredited program of the IDA.  

Lexplore looks forward to its partnership with Brainspring, and the Lexplore team looks forward to future partnerships with other educational service providers and school systems. If you wish to learn more about Lexplore’s rapid reading assessment, contact the team today.

About Brainspring

The Brainspring Educator Academy provides successful continuing education opportunities for teachers with Orton-Gillingham multisensory instruction programs for classroom and intervention settings. Our nationally accredited Phonics First® and Structures curricula help transform struggling readers into skilled learners with an effective, fun, multisensory approach.

From custom lesson plans to our ability to teach in your district or via E-Learning delivered to your home, we make Professional Development easy to access and simple to process. Our team is ready to help with ongoing classroom coaching, supporting educators along the way and helping them effectively put their plans into action. Our program can also be modified to meet a district’s needs, whether it’s implemented whole class, within small groups or in one-on-one settings.

About Lexplore

Lexplore “A Clear View of Reading,” is a rapid reading assessment tool using eye-tracking technology and artificial intelligence to determine reading levels and instructional needs. In just 2 minutes, teachers can determine a student’s reading level and begin providing the personalized instruction needed to elevate, motivate or remediate immediately.  Lexplore’s purpose is to provide objective analysis of reading skills through a quick, fun assessment experience. This makes lesson planning easier, allows educators to identify students in need of intervention, and to monitor student progress.