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How Eye-Tracking Technology Can Help Save You Time and Resources in the Classroom Without Sacrificing Accuracy

Eye-tracking technology can provide teachers with tremendous advantages for their students. Here, the educators at Lexplore discuss the amazing benefits of eye-tracking technology for reading assessment and how Lexplore technology can benefit educators and students in the classroom.

The Value of Eye-Tracking Technology

Computer-based eye-tracking systems have allowed for increased efficiency and effectiveness in monitoring students’ reading levels and providing valuable feedback, allowing teachers more time to spend with students on an interpersonal level. Educators already have a significant amount of responsibilities on their plate—eye-tracking technology can take a weight off their shoulders by providing a comprehensive analysis of a student’s reading ability in just a few minutes. This allows educators to focus on the many other important tasks they must complete.

Eye-Tracking Technology Offers a Wealth of Benefits for Students

Eye-tracking technology offers time-saving and accurate results so educators can have an in-depth understanding of where their students are in their reading journeys. A reading assessment using eye tracking is evidence-based and free from bias. Lexplore also offers recommendations for reading instruction. Students enjoy the assessment experience and teachers can spend more time with students on other activities.

Learn More From a Lexplore Professional Today

Because many educators may not possess an in-depth understanding of the significant benefits of eye-tracking technology in the classroom, it is important to open up the conversation in order to dispel any confusion surrounding this beneficial technology. If you would like to learn more about how Lexplore offers a unique advantage to both educators and students, contact the passionate educators at Lexplore today.