The Technology

Lexplore uses eye tracking and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to determine a student’s reading level. This unique evidence-based technology is based on an extensive 30 year long research project carried out at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. Lexplore’s machine learning algorithms recognize correlations and patterns in eye movement data.

Based upon established and well documented research into language-based learning difficulties and their manifestations in eye movements, Lexplore’s machine learning models perform a powerful statistical analysis to quickly evaluate how effectively the main cognitive processes involved with reading work together. Comparing eye movement recordings to those from over 30 years of research, Lexplore can detect even very minor differences in the way a student’s brain processes text.

These models are trained to base their analysis on a mixture of tests, such as rapid automatized naming, word strings, and the reading of real words or non-words. The analysis is able to provide a very comprehensive overview of a child’s reading in a matter of minutes.

Although artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are usually considered to be the same, machine learning is actually a sub area of AI, where systems are able to adapt their analysis and resolutions based upon data and experience.