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Parents: How are you supporting your child’s reading development this summer?

The summer is a crucial time to keep our readers on track. It is important that we continue to enhance the developing reading skills while simultaneously supporting deficits. We all know that time on task is important in becoming a strong reader. There are also specific skill areas we can address to support all levels of readers.

There are many misconceptions about reading development and identifying and addressing the deficits of a struggling reader. These misconceptions can veer us off the path to providing adequate support for our children and point parents who are looking for the resources in the wrong direction. For example, when a student struggles with answering comprehension questions, parents are often told that their child has a deficit in comprehension. This may not be the issue at all. Students who struggle to decode words focus on the decoding task and will, therefore, miss out on the meaning of the text. When a child must work on sounding out words, the task of remembering what they are reading takes a backseat. With the proper support and attention, decoding and fluency can improve, allowing the reader to develop better comprehension skills.

Developing the Big 5

Providing the proper summer reading support can mitigate the inevitable loss of learning over the summer as well as better prepare children who have been struggling. But where does a parent begin? In order for children to develop into good, strong readers, it is important that all five of the essential reading components are addressed. The “Big 5” components are typically taught in a sequence: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension and vocabulary. Developing the phonemic awareness and phonics skills thoroughly will give children the foundation they need to develop their fluency and comprehension skills. Vocabulary also plays a key role in developing comprehension. A deficit in just one of the five skill areas can lead to poor academic performance.

Make it fun!

At home reading routines provide children with a structure that will create good reading habits and the opportunity to develop all of the reading skill components. At home reading should be fun and relaxing to encourage the love of reading. The Lexplore Summer Reading Routine includes activities in all five of the essential components and a calendar to keep students on track with their progress. Parents will not be tasked with trying to find ways to support their children in all of the skill areas because Lexplore has included a variety of activities to choose from with fun and engaging gumball graphics. Click here to download the free reading routine and be sure to check out our other free resources.

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