The Future of AI & Programs Utilizing Artificial Intelligence

AI technology has changed society in a number of positive and important ways, and this technology has the possibility to do the same in educational settings. Despite this, implementation of AI technology in the classroom has been slower than implementation in larger society. Will AI be used to replace one-on-one teaching? Will students still receive personalized teaching from human teachers? What about the job prospects of teachers and educational staff when AI is implemented—will AI be responsible for job loss in the educational sector?

Fortunately, these fears can be easily dispelled by looking at recent statistics and real-world case studies that show the ways AI technology has a beneficial effect in the classroom. AI is meant to help enhance the classroom experience, not replace teachers and serve as a one-size-fits-all solution. 

In Part Four of AI – The Perfect Teacher’s Assistant, the educational technology professionals at Lexplore provide a case study about the implementation of Lexplore’s AI technology in a real school setting and offer additional examples of AI technology that have had a valuable impact on society. To continue reading this article and learn more about the possibilities of AI implementation in educational settings, particularly through Lexplore’s AI-based reading assessments, click here.