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Interested to find out how Lexplore is helping schools quickly identify students with reading difficulties and catch up on any pandemic learning loss?

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Polly Williams

Early Learning Principal • The Galloway School

“ Lexplore’s reading screening tool helps teachers and parents understand how effectively and efficiently students are reading.  The screening process is quick and easy to administer.  Accompanying reports provide data on rate, retrieval, and fluency components of the reading process.  The instrument contributes to our understanding of the needs and progress of each of our students and provides important communication for parents.  It also helps us direct resources to optimize learning throughout our Early Learning program. ”

Alyssa Branchaud-Warren

Vice Principal • Otay Ranch Academy for the Arts

“ Lexplore is such an innovative program. It allows us to see what is going on behind the scenes when a student is reading. Being able to track their eye movement and gather data on not only their reading, but how long their eyes hover on a particular letter blend or how many times they go back to re-read something silently gives us SO much more information than any other reading assessment out there.”

Janna Payne Sells

MTSS District Coordinator • Iredell-Statesville Schools

“ Our district chose Lexplore with two goals in mind. First, to increase instructional time by reducing the amount of time teachers spend assessing and secondly, to assess any over and/or under identification using our current screening tool. It was clear that the Lexplore was much quicker than Reading 3D, therefore saving instructional time. Even with the reduced assessment time, we were able to identify a strong correlation in reading data between the two assessment platforms. ”

Nicki Oliveri

ACE Teacher • Otay Ranch Academy for the Arts

“ Lexplore is one of a kind, unique, and visually appealing for kids! My school has been using Lexplore for the past 2 years and couldn’t be more thrilled with the data we receive through this testing device. I find that the students who I test are super engaged and interested in this different testing style. Thank you Lexplore for helping us better personalize for our students! ”

E.J. Whitehead, M.S.Ed.A

Principal • Corona Student Center –Springs Charter School

“ Lexplore has been a great tool to diagnose students overall reading skills, as well as word and letter recognition. It gives us a good baseline to start remediation with our lower readers. ”

Jerry King

Head of School • Springmont Montessori School

“ Students were excited to be able to participate in this scientific endeavour. ”

Colleen Wing

ACE Teacher • La Center School District

“ Thank you for all of your support and for making certain we understand where to go for future support. It has been a pleasure working with you. ”

Kathleen Law

2nd Grade Teacher • Oregon City School District

“ I know exactly how to help my students using Lexplore data.  It’s clear and accurate. ”


• Mahtomedi Public Schools

” Using the data from Lexplore, coupled with other screeners, we have increased our ability to target students at-risk for dyslexia with explicit, systematic instructional strategies. It is our goal that with the data from Lexplore we can intervene early to change the trajectory of our at-risk students’ educational careers. ”

Shane Wickwire

Principal • Bear River Student Center - Springs Charter School

” The information gained was very informative for our teachers. The eye tracking is very telling in the students’ reading fluency. ”