The Benefits


Your students will love Lexplore. They will probably think the eye tracking is cool and may even ask to take the test again! The stories are engaging and written on an independent level for each grade.


Lexplore is super fast – only about 3 minutes per student! There’s no grading or recording for you to do. As soon as each student completes the assessment, you can go right to the portal to see the results and recommendations. This is thanks to Lexplore’s cutting edge tech that includes AI (artificial intelligence) and eye tracking.


Lexplore has been compared to many other reading tests on the market, and is found to be very accurate. In fact, you may find it is even more accurate to other measures because you don’t have to worry about student fatigue or subjectivity. Lexplore’s AI ensures that the test will actually get “smarter” as more students participate.


What’s the best way to know how well students read? To “see” them read. Lexplore’s eye tracking technology allows you to really “see” how they read. For the first time ever, you’ll be able to understand silent reading fluency and provide just-right interventions for each student.


It’s tough to listen to a student read (or listen to oral phonological testing) and be sure that you’re hearing everything correctly. Speech production issues, regional dialects, shyness, and emotional factors can all impact your reading assessment results. Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to depend on our ears to know how well each student is reading? Lexplore uses eye tracking technology, which is much more objective than tests that rely on oral language production.

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