Women Who Read Succeed: Senator Jacky Rosen

March is Women’s History Month. At Lexplore, we will highlight the achievements of several women in a variety of fields, focusing on those whose journeys have been influenced by technology and literacy.

Jacky Rosen is a United States Senator and computer software developer.  She has been in the US Senate, representing the state of Nevada, since 2019.  With no previous political experience, she ran for a vacancy in the US House of Representatives in 2016 and prevailed with 60% of the vote. In Congress, she served on the Committee on Science, Space and Technology, among others.  As a member of that committee, she passed bipartisan legislation to improve early childhood STEM education.

Prior to entering the political arena, Rosen worked as a computer programmer and software developer for some of the biggest companies in Nevada. She led a team that constructed one of the largest solar projects by a non-profit in southern Nevada through a public-private partnership.

As the first member of her family to graduate from college, Senator Rosen worked two jobs and took out student loans to make ends meet.

At Lexplore, we honor Jacky Rosen as a champion for exemplifying the importance of education, technology, and public service. She serves as a role model to all young women (and men).