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As our assessment takes a completely different format to most traditional paper-based tests, pupils tend to thoroughly enjoy their experience and many even ask if they can sit it again.

  I found it more enjoyable than other tests we do because it was fun, short, and less tiring. The stories were interesting and I wanted to read them to find out what happened. 

Pupil- Key Stage 2 – Mersey Vale Primary School

By replacing these more time-consuming assessments, we can help decrease the overall testing time for pupils, whilst still providing teachers with the information they need to support both emerging and fluent readers in their development.

  The tests showed one of our KS2 girls was finding reading difficult but this was something we hadn’t spotted before. She had developed effective coping strategies to manage those difficulties, we hadn’t realised that she needed support. 

Jayne Mullane – Headteacher – Mersey Vale Primary School

Our entirely computer-based assessment monitors a pupil’s spontaneous eye movements whilst they read two passages of text. As our method does not require pupils to write we are able to quickly determine the reading attainment of those pupils with very low literacy capabilities, who may not be able to participate in lengthy paper-based assessments. Our immediate results then make it easy for schools to monitor the reading progress of individual pupils at a granular level, as well as quickly ensure interventions are having the intended impact.

  The interventions are clearly working and the tests have revealed that the same key stage two pupil has progressed from a ‘low’ banding, through ‘below average’ to ‘average’ in the space of just 7 months. In that time there has also been a significant improvement in her reading speed 

Jayne Mullane – Headteacher – Mersey Vale Primary School

Working with Lexplore Analytics can help improve reading attainment across the board, encouraging children to thoroughly engage with all subjects and achieve their academic potential. High levels of literacy can also have a hugely positive impact outside the classroom by increasing self-esteem, wellbeing and helping to alleviate many behavioral problems.

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