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A Summer full of reading!

The summer holidays provide the perfect opportunity for children to develop their interest and enthusiasm for reading. However, time away from the classroom can also cause children’s reading skills to slide before their return to school.

But how do you keep children on track with their reading amidst all the distractions the holidays may bring?

In order to keep children venturing into the world of books it’s important to get them engaged and excited to start the Summer holidays reading material of their own choice. By incorporating reading games into holiday plans you can challenge children to keep reading without it being perceived as holiday homework

We have created a Summer Guide with different resources and printable materials to help engage children over the holidays. Choose between creating different sentences, listing words they find in texts using the Alphabet Hunt page, or keeping track of their reading using the Reading Spiral Tracker. Be sure to offer pupils a choice in activities to support their own interests and learning styles.

For children looking for more holiday fun and the chance to win a £100 book voucher for themselves, as well as the Lexplore assessment FREE for a year with a £500 hamper full of books for their school, there is also the Lexplore challenge to help bring the books children enjoy to life…


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