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Juniper Education

Juniper Education’s aim is to increase the effectiveness of schools, improve outcomes for learners and enable teachers to teach. The organisation supports more than 7,000 primary and secondary schools with software for tracking pupil performance, and services to assist schools with financial management, teacher training, HR and school visits planning. Brands within the Juniper Education group include Target Tracker, OTrack, Maze Education, Classroom Monitor and Pupil Asset.

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Hampshire School Library Service

Provide support to over 90% of Hampshire’s schools, making their SLS one of the largest and most successful services of its kind in the country.

Hampshire School Library Service is now working exclusively with Lexplore UK to offer their unique, AI reading analysis to schools in Hampshire and surrounding authorities. The collaboration with Lexplore has given Hampshire schools and the surrounding Local Authorities access to exclusive pricing with a dedicated support team based in Hampshire to support you.

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The Britsh Dyslexia Association

At Lexplore we are thrilled to work not only as a British Dyslexia Association SMART Organisation but also as one of their assured partners helping with the early identification of reading difficulties in schools across the UK and beyond.

Our assessment, as accredited and used by the BDA themselves, can offer a powerful and objective insight into reading, helping pinpoint specific problem areas so all children can receive the tailored support they need much earlier in their education.

Working with the BDA not only enables us to offer our Customers access to a choice of diagnostic services and resources, but also access to informative training days so teachers can increase their understanding by working with Dyslexia specialists. In their own words “Assured means that in the opinion of the BDA the product is effective at identifying or supporting Dyslexia if used as intended, is based on general accepted and well-established science, and the marketing accurately reflects what a user can expect.”

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Positive Dyslexia

Positive Dyslexia was set up in 2016 by Katrina Cochrane, in order to raise awareness of dyslexia and co-occurring difficulties and support the needs of both Adults and Children. They offer bespoke consultancy and accredited training for schools, employers and parents, as well diagnostic assessments for children and adults.

Katrina Cochrane, has spent nearly 25 years in education – this is her 20th year as a Dyslexia Specialist. She spent 14 years with Dyslexia Action as Principal and Southern Regional Manager then 4 with the British Dyslexia Association as Head of Education and Policy. She has been a tutor for teachers on the Dyslexia Action Postgraduate Diploma course and has just finished writing the new Level 7 course for specialist teachers for the BDA. Katrina is an Associate Trainer and Assessor for the BDA as well as her own work with Positive Dyslexia. Katrina has co-written two books on Dyslexia and presented many training sessions and webinars and was very proud to receive an award at the last BDA Awards Dinner for going “Above and Beyond”.


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With over eight decades of experience and a passion for children’s literature, Peters is the UK’s leading specialist supplier of children’s books to schools and academies. They believe all children and young people should have access to great books, as well as inspiring spaces to enjoy them in. Their team of expert librarians and curriculum specialists read and review every book in stock and are on hand with help and advice, whatever your requirements – whether you’re looking for reading schemes or the latest fiction and non-fiction.

You can find out more by visiting the Peters’ showroom in Birmingham or through their website. If you are a Lexplore Customer speak to your account manager in order to access our exclusive discounts.

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EdTech Software Ltd

Edtech Software Ltd. Is the leading supplier of educational software to schools in Ireland. The company was established by two teachers in 2000. Since then it has gained an enviable reputation for the supply of high-quality software and hardware particularly in the support of literacy and special educational needs. They believe that every student can achieve their potential if their needs are identified and the right interventions are put in place.

The honest and straightforward advice that teachers receive from Edtech Software accounts for the large number of customers who return again and again to purchase from Edtech. Indeed, many teachers would not dream of purchasing anywhere else.

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Lancashire Dyslexia Information Guidance and Support

LDIGS was set up by Pamela Hanigan and Rachel Gelder in response to the needs of pupils, parents and professionals, for quality support for dyslexia. Both have long experience in the education sector, working with a wide range of abilities and age groups.  Pamela is a qualified teacher, with a special interest in reading and phonics, Rachel is SENCo with particular interest in memory and processing issues. Both are approved BDA practitioners, providing diagnostic assessments, classroom support to teachers and TA’s working with dyslexic students. They also advise head teachers and SENCo’s with strategic direction in relation to dyslexia, through consultancy and training.

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Softlink provides schools and education departments with the library software they need to innovate, collaborate and improve educational outcomes in an evolving digital environment.

Their community extends to over six thousand schools worldwide. You can visit the Softlink website for case studies and testimonials or get in touch with our team to discover how our partnership can help open a world of books for children in your school.

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Red Five

Red Five provides sales, marketing and other commercial services to EdTech software suppliers who work in the UK education market. They aim to supply market leading EdTech that clearly demonstrates ways to improve how schools manage day to day tasks and helps to show clear improvements in key areas such as wellbeing and literacy.

Their chosen products are leaders in their market sector and offer real education and wellbeing benefits as well as being sound financial investments.

Red Five have worked with the UK reseller market for many years and provide help to start up and growing companies who are looking for new ways to take their products to market.

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