Accurate assessment for EAL pupils

Lexplore has also been able to offer a fresh perspective when it comes to assessing pupils with English as an additional language. It’s no secret it can be virtually impossible to gain an accurate assessment of bilingual children especially when the information schools often receive about their education can be patchy.

However, with powerful and objective algorithms able to take this into account during their analysis, Lexplore can offer the same exciting insight into reading regardless of children’s different backgrounds and situations.

“We want to root out any reading difficulties as soon as we can so we can help pupils make progress. Lexplore provides us with a completely unbiased way to assess our children”

Our assessment helps teachers to identify which pupils find reading difficult regardless of their fluency in English. And importantly, highlight possible underlying reading issues which could be masked by a lack of language knowledge.

“Although we have a high proportion of EAL pupils, the tests showed that our school’s reading attainment is on a par with nationally expected levels.”


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