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(A)I spy with my little eye!

We all know that the early identification of reading difficulties can transform a child’s whole experience of education. However, the complexity of reading is often underestimated and specific difficulties are not always easy to spot.

Many schools rely on a traditional combination of paper-based tests and teacher assessments to measure reading and monitor progress. As these assessments often look at the reading components in isolation of one another, it can take time to build a true picture of each pupil’s reading. Even then discovering exactly which specific area of reading a child struggles with can be difficult, especially when assessments often only provide one-dimensional, standard scores.

However, new technological developments can offer teachers a startling new insight into literacy and greatly aid with the systematic and objective identification of those pupils with specific difficulties.

Find out how new innovations in artificial intelligence and eye tracking technology have revolutionised the reading assessment process at Freemantle Community Academy in the following two-minute feature from BBC News.

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