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AI – The Perfect Teacher’s Assistant!

Even though artificial intelligence might seem like a concept of science fiction, we actually interact with this futuristic technology every day. Most of the time we might not even realise!

AI has transformed the way in which the financial service industries operate. As it has a superior ability to process huge amounts of data and identify patterns of activity, which might elude most human beings or computer programmes, AI has enabled banks to precisely monitor the thousands of transactions made every second. The same advancements have also been embraced by the NHS because they can greatly aid in the early and quick diagnosis of many illnesses.

Despite the fact that AI is having a hugely positive impact in our day to day lives, the mention of such technology in education is still likely to bring the unwelcome image of robot teachers to mind!

However, there are many ways in which AI is already transforming the classroom environment, by reducing teacher workload, improving outcomes, and helping to level the playing field for SEN students.

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