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AI – Unlocking potential in the classroom!

For the 148,000 children who leave primary school every year unable to read well the secondary classroom can be a daunting place, especially with many subjects now increasingly content heavy.

As Lexplore consultant and teacher of 29 years Mark Fraser describes in his recent article, which was published in The Technology and Innovation Magazine by The Teach Company, many children enter the secondary classroom brimming with ideas and ready to engage but the difficulties they face when it comes to reading and writing often hold them back.

For many of these children, whose difficulties have remained hidden throughout their primary education, the barriers they face in the classroom may lead to them being taught in lower ability sets where they are not engaged or challenged.

  Every day, students with undiagnosed reading difficulties are reading, writing and understanding less than their peers, and making up this missing ground becomes almost impossible!  

Although it can be a difficult to provide tailored support for pupils with very specific and diverse reading difficulties, there are many ways technology can help teachers to unlock their potential and level the playing field.

  There is enormous scope for technology and AI to transform aspects of education. Not by taking over the role of teachers, but by saving teachers’ time and helping them identify learning difficulties so they can be addressed early enough to make a difference.  

Technology has an important role to play in the modern classroom! It can help teachers make learning more engaging, help children to access content and help highlight those facing barriers so all children can achieve their educational potential. To find out more about new classroom technologies you can download the Lexplore AI – Guide and read Mark Fraser’s full Teachwire article.


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