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Attention Skills and Reading!

Intuitively, parents and teachers understand that attention is important to learning. If you cannot pay attention in class or while reading a book, you are not going to learn much. However, attention is much more foundational than just ‘paying attention’. Attention skills impact self-control, working memory, and cognitive flexibility, which are known collectively as executive function skills.

The importance of attention and executive function skills cannot be overstated. One research study found that a child’s attention skills at age 4 correlate strongly with whether they graduated from college by age 25. The good news is that attention skills can be trained. When children improve attention skills, they do better in school and in life. Attention skills are also closely linked to reading ability. When a student has weak attention skills or inaccurate eye movements they can struggle with reading.

That’s why we partner with BrainLeap Technologies, a company providing a research-based, gaze driven gaming system to train foundational attention skills. 

To read anything, you need to attend to it and the better you can focus, the easier it is to read longer passages. That is certainly the experience of Jack, one of Brainleap’s earliest piolet users.

Jack liked reading the encyclopaedia because it provided lots of information in a short paragraph format. Plus, he really struggled reading anything longer. After Jack trained his attention skills with the Attention Arcade, he was able to read the entire Harry Potter series over the summer.

Even after Jack was done training with the Attention Arcade, the attention skills he developed continued to benefit him. That is really exciting for us to hear as a BrainLeap partner.

Training attention skills can have a lifelong impact on reading and many other life skills. You can learn about attention skills and the Attention Arcade suite of 7 games and 5 assessments by joining our upcoming webinar with the link below.

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