Lexplore – A BDA Smart Organisation and Assured Partner!

At Lexplore we are thrilled to work not only as a British Dyslexia Association SMART Organisation but also as one of their Assured Partners helping with the early identification of reading difficulties in schools across the UK and beyond.

Our assessment, as accredited and used by the BDA themselves, can offer a powerful and objective insight into reading, helping pinpoint specific problem areas so all children can receive the tailored support they need much earlier in their education. Working with the BDA not only enables us to offer our customers access to a choice of diagnostic services and resources, but also access to informative training days so teachers can increase their understanding by working with Dyslexia specialists.

In their own words “Assured means that in the opinion of the BDA the product is effective at identifying or supporting Dyslexia if used as intended, is based on generally accepted and well-established science, and the marketing accurately reflects what a user can expect.”