Lexplore selected as a 5* Digital Device!

We are thrilled to have won the Digital Device Category of the 2019 Teach Primary Awards and be recognised as a 5* technical solution for schools!

By combining the latest AI technology with the unique ‘human touch’ of good teachers our quick reading assessment can transform the classroom environment – helping to level the educational playing field, save valuable time and resources, as well as offer an entirely unique insight into literacy which helps pinpoint specific difficulties at the earliest opportunity! 

Following an in-depth review of the technology and results, category judge Sarah Zaman the regional coordinator at Schools North West Manchester made the following comments.

A new way of assessing children’s reading ability using the latest AI and is extremely useful in detecting problems that sometimes can go unnoticed in a busy classroom. It assesses reading attainment in just a few minutes by measuring individual eye movement patterns and has a very comprehensive set of results.

Sarah Zaman – The Regional co-ordinator for Computing at Schools North West Manchester