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Lexplore Analytics at Bett 2020!

For the first time at Bett (stand NJ58), we will unveil a secondary school version of our unique assessment which uses the latest in AI and eye tracking technology to help teachers accurately assess attainment and spot children encountering difficulties within minutes. 

The assessment has been developed specifically to address the challenge of Year 7 pupils arriving at secondary school with little information about their reading abilities, Lexplore Analytics tracks students’ eye movements as they read and then uses artificial intelligence to identify whether additional reading support may be required.

Rhiannon Chanter, assistant headteacher at Werneth School, who has piloted the secondary school version of the assessment said, “The only information we get from primary schools are SAT scores and we don’t feel confident that they are the most accurate assessment of a child’s abilities. Using Lexplore Analytics, we can quickly identify who in our cohort needs additional support and it has allowed us to put the right interventions in place straight away.”

Developed by two university researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, the software picks up minor differences in the way children process text by monitoring how their eyes move over words as they read. The technology is even capable of identifying a child who may be showing signs of specific reading difficulties, such as Dyslexia, so they can be referred for further assessments.

Stephen Park, managing director of Lexplore Analytics, explains: “We’ve had a number of secondary schools contact us asking for a quick and accurate reading assessment for the Year 7 transition. This new version of Lexplore Analytics can provide teachers with an in-depth view of a child’s reading attainment in a few minutes. The insight it can offer into a child’s silent reading skills has also proven invaluable within the secondary classroom, especially when it comes to gathering important evidence for access arrangements.”

“The impact of the assessment on teacher workload is minimal, but for a student, having the right support in place early on in the secondary school years could make a significant difference to their progress.”

Lexplore Analytics was a finalist in the innovation category at the BETT Awards 2019 and has received accreditation from the British Dyslexia Association.

Teachers, senior leaders and educationalists are invited to visit Lexplore Analytics on their stand at Bett (NJ58) to try out their innovative assessment and eye-tracking technology. They will also be running a series of competitions throughout the course of Bett.

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