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What if a pupil does not have English as a first language?

Our assessment can offer a fresh perspective when it comes to assessing pupils with English as an additional language. With powerful algorithms, able to provide fully objective results, we can offer the same exciting insight into reading regardless of children’s different backgrounds and situations.

 ” We want to root out any reading difficulties as soon as we can so we can help pupils make progress. Lexplore Analytics provides us with a completely unbiased way to assess our children “ 

Elizabeth Monaghan, SENCO, Freemantle Community Academy

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Will results be affected if a pupil wears glasses?

Our technology is able to monitor a child’s eye movements through all glasses and accurately determine reading attainment regardless.

The assessment has also been able to highlight some children who have specific eyesight difficulties and require glasses that might not have been picked up on as early with paper-based reading tests.

“The tests highlighted physical difficulties too. One pupil found it difficult to focus on the words with both eyes, which indicated that he might need glasses to correct his vision, so we spoke to his parents about arranging a sight test.”

Can a child sit the assessment if they are visually impaired?

So far we have been able to determine the reading attainment of pupils with many different visual impairments and will continue to train our machine learning models as we encounter new data. Using our unique assessment data, teachers have been able to pick up on pupils needing glasses as well as highlight those with optical impairments based on their eye movement patterns.

 ” The tests highlighted physical difficulties too. One pupil found it difficult to focus on the words with both eyes, which indicated that he might need glasses to correct his vision, so we spoke to his parents about arranging a sight test.” 

Adam Luxford – Freemantle Community Academy

How long does the Lexplore assessment take?

We estimate that the assessment takes between two and five minutes per pupil, depending upon their reading speed. This enables schools to quickly assess a large number of pupils without additional workload. The results are available immediately in our user-friendly portal with no marking required.

 ” One of the main reasons we chose Lexplore is because it frees up so much time. Previously, it took teachers an entire term to do accurate assessments on their whole class. By contrast, 200 children went through the Lexplore assessment process in a week. Within five minutes of each assessment, we had the results of their reading activity and an accurate attainment level.” 

Adam Luxford – Freemantle Community Academy

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At what age can a child sit the Lexplore assessment?

At the minute our assessment is for primary and secondary children in years 1 to 11.

If you are interested in Lexplore for different age groups do get in touch with our team. There are plenty of opportunities for schools and organisations to get involved with our development projects and access exclusive early bird offers.

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How many children can be tested in one day?

We encourage schools to aim to test around 40 pupils in one school day. As each test takes between two to five minutes this also allows plenty of time for pupils to leave and return to their lessons.

 “Our previous reading age tests were very time-consuming. Lexplore Analytics brings everything together in minutes, including reading ages and difficulties. I can get through two Year 6 classes in a day, and could manage the whole school in a few days.” 

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What if schools do not already have the hardware needed?

We would not expect schools to have many eye trackers lying around, so we include this hardware in the cost of a first-year license. We not only include the eye tracker but also all training and support. Most schools will already have laptops and monitors which can be used for the assessment although we can provide these at an additional cost if required.

Schools can also purchase additional Lexplore Approved Hardware from our online shop. Purchases can be made by secure card payments or fill out the form at the bottom of the page to raise an invoice which will be sent directly to your school or company. 

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How many times should pupils be tested in one year?

We recommend that all children are tested at the beginning and the end of the academic year and that those at low or below average levels are tested again in the middle. Regular testing enables teachers to closely monitor reading progress and the outcome of our targeted interventions for each pupil.

Why Lexplore Analytics?

Our time and resource-efficient assessment makes it easy for schools to gain a clear understanding of each pupil’s reading attainment, and monitor their progress over time. Working with our assessment and dedicated interventions package has many benefits for pupils, teachers, and schools alike…

 ” Thanks to Lexplore we now have a rigorous and quick method of assessing children’s reading ability. We can assess children without adding to the workload of class teachers, with the intention of providing effective interventions without creating unnecessary admin “ 

Adam Luxford – Freemantle Community Academy

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