Dyslexia and Technology Webinar!

We are delighted to welcome Myles Pilling, an ICT SEN Advisor with over 30 years of experience, for this informative webinar focused on alternative methods of recording information.

Assistive Technology is changing at an ever increasing rate providing tools for recording that would never heard before even 10 years ago. Apps, iPads and software that is becoming more integrated and more accessible for all learners.

For those with Dyslexia having the ability to use alternative methods other than handwriting has been inspiring. Tools that are easy and fast to use that overcome learning barriers such as spelling and letter formation.

This webinar will look at the wide range of tools such as spelling, grid selection and word prediction. The broadcast will also explore the importance of having mainstream software with Assistive Technology built-in – text to speech, speech to text. We shall consider, note-taking, study tools and explore ways and strategies to embed this into the classroom.

About Myles…

Myles Pilling has 30 years teaching in special education experience. He has been an ICT SEN Advisor for 10 years providing loans of Individual ICT Equipment to pupils with special needs. He now runs his own company AccessAbility Solutions for the past 7 years. He is a council member of the British Assistive Technology Association and a part-time lecturer for Bath Spa University on their MA Dyslexia courses. He is also county co-ordinator for AbilityNet – a charity helping people with disabilities use their computers.

Watch the Webinar