Eye Tracking Reading Assessment Webinar

Combining extensive research with the latest new technology, our unique assessment has been able to provide teachers with an entirely new insight into reading, helping to pinpoint hidden difficulties and save countless hours of administration time!

The entirely paperless assessment uses eye tracking technology and AI to determine the reading ability of primary and secondary school children, giving results in a few minutes, as well as objectively highlighting reading difficulties and visionary impairments.

The following webinars will explore the fascinating research behind the assessment as well as discuss the impact the technology has had in the classroom for teachers and pupils alike.

Each demonstration will also explore how the assessment aligns with Lexplore’s dedicated intervention package to support both emerging and fluent readers in their further development.

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Wednesday 5th May 10am – Here

Thursday 6th May 12pm – Here

Tuesday 11th May 2pm – Here

Wednesday 12th May 4pm – Here

Thursday 13th May 6pm – Here