For School Leaders

As a School Leader, Lexplore Analytics can give you an invaluable overview of reading throughout your entire school helping you to allocate teaching and financial resources where they are most needed.

By tracking your school’s data through our Portal, you can closely monitor progress at all levels over time and gain a thorough understanding of how your school compares to national averages.

  The presentation of results is clear, visual, and easily accessible both with regards to class, whole school, and individual results. We especially like the ability to watch the actual recordings of children’s eye movements whilst hearing them read aloud.  

Adam Luxford – Data Protection Officer – Freemantle C of E Community Academy

With effective assessment and dedicated interventions to support fluent and emerging readers alike, we can help to engage the whole school community with reading and drive whole school performance.

  One of the key benefits is the analysis tool. This enables schools to easily share results with staff, governors, and Ofsted. We also plan to use results at parents’ evenings to engage families with their child’s reading goals. 

Adam Luxford – Data Protection Officer – Freemantle C of E Community Academy 

For schools within a Local Authority or Multi-Academy Trust, we can also offer a clear overview of reading across an organisation. This enables you to quickly and easily evaluate reading programmes and better understand where central resources are most required. 


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