Future Proof

Although there have been some incredible recent developments in the field of artificial intelligence, we are still only at the embryonic stages of its capabilities. Who knows what type of functionality will be available in five or even ten years’ time!

We continually develop our method, so your school can benefit from the latest research in the field. By already utilising the latest in machine learning and eye tracking technology we can measure how well the different cognitive processes involved in reading work together. Combining this information with unfiltered eye movement data and extensive research allows us to offer a completely unique way for your school to understand reading.

As we are continually developing new features, it is important for schools to understand that any new methods of analysis can be applied to previous data from earlier assessments. In this way, working with Lexplore enables schools to constantly obtain additional information which might not have been previously available. Our solution is therefore future-proof, as we enable schools to utilise all our research and development past and present.

We also recognise there is not only the opportunity to develop our analysis further in terms of predictions, indicators, and languages, but also the potential for us to co-ordinate with other data. Imagine having at your disposal a 10-year longitudinal study on reading development in your school or LA, where you can analyse initiatives, interventions, and teaching methods, as well as compare data and results with other LA’s, states and countries. With Lexplore this is all a possibility.

The eye tracking technology, which we use, is also under continual development. There is a great deal of research currently being performed in relation to ADHD, Autism, and other neurological impairments, which will result in many new application areas for the technology.


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