Ask the experts education panel Q and A Webinar

Q and A Webinar!

Looking ahead towards the Autumn Term, we are delighted to share a recorded version of our fantastic Q and A webinar with an expert panel! With experts in the fields of SEND, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Assistive Technology and EAL Learning, this discussion provided an opportunity for parents and teachers to ask any education-related questions before their children and teachers return to the classroom…

Summer Reading Guide

The Summer holidays provide the perfect opportunity for children to develop their interest in reading. However, time away from the classroom can also cause children’s reading skills to slide before their return to school. Our Summer Guide provides exciting ideas and materials to encourage children to keep reading and venturing into the world of books over the holidays!

Data Protection at Lexplore Analytics!

We are committed to protecting school data! Our Data Protection Guide explores the many standardised policies and practices that we have in place to ensure all your data is protected when using our assessment software.

Microsoft – Empowering Potential!

This fantastic free webinar with Arran Smith, Microsoft UK’s SEND and Dyslexia Consultant, will explore how new Microsoft 365 and Windows 10 functionality can be used to provide better support for neurodiverse learners.

Mersey Vale Demonstration

Come along to the Mersey Vale Demonstration to find out how the Lexplore Analytic’s Assessment was able to provide teachers with an entirely unique insight into reading, pinpoint previously hidden difficulties, as well as save countless hours of administration time…

Winter Term Newsletter

The Autumn and Winter season at Lexplore has been incredibly busy for our team and we are very excited to be coming to the end of the year with lots of new updates and exciting partnerships to announce…

Lexplore Webinars

From supporting EAL readers to creating Dyslexia friendly learning environments, we have lots of exciting Lexplore webinars lined up over the coming months. As a Lexplore Customer, you can book onto our all of our educational broadcasts for free within the Support Corner of your Results Portal. We will also be opening certain webinars to non Lexplore Customers, so make sure to get in touch if you are interested to join a particular discussion.

The Guide to Lexplore Research

Discover more about the extensive, peer-reviewed research projects which led to the development of Lexplore’s unique assessment method in our Guide to the research…

The User Guide

The go to Guide for all things Lexplore! Our user manual takes you through the testing process from setting up your hardware to working through each assessment section.