Hardware and Accessories

As a Lexplore Customer you might prefer to purchase hardware and products dedicated to the Lexplore assessment. Below you will find our Lexplore endorsed product range. You can purchase any of our range by secure card payments or fill out the form at the bottom of the page to raise an invoice which will be sent directly to your school or company. All prices listed are inclusive of postage and packaging but subject to VAT.



Tobii 4C Eye Tracker

If you have more than one Examiner at your school it can be useful to purchase additional Eye Trackers. Trained examiners can then carry out assessments at the same time speeding up the overall testing process at the school. Each eye tracker comes with a magnet included so they can attach easily to the bottom of your school monitor.

£195 + VAT

AOC Portable Monitor

For the larger school, a Lexplore approved AOC monitor can provide the perfect portable, USB powered alternative to traditional monitors which can be difficult to transport around the school. This is also the perfect monitor for Lexplore consultants, partners and private assessors who might be working across many different schools.

£225 + VAT

Iiyama Prolite Monitor

The Lexplore approved Iiyama ProLite monitor is a much more affordable alternative for schools looking to purchase a dedicated monitor for testing. Although, the monitor itself is less portable so not as easily transported, it offers a greater range of movement to help you easily find the perfect positioning for your pupils.

£145 + VAT

Lexplore Approved Laptop

For schools wishing to purchase a laptop dedicated to assessments we can help source a model which fits the Lexplore specification. The exact make and model will depend upon which laptops our team can source at the time of order.

£495 + VAT


Samson Go Mic

Schools wishing to use their own laptops and hardware may want to purchase an external microphone for the Lexplore Test. This can help to ensure all audio recordings are of sufficient quality to deliver the most accurate results.

£60 + VAT



Lexplore Accessories…


Eye Tracker Magnet

Some schools may wish to use multiple monitors for the Lexplore assessment and will therefore need more than one eye tracker magnet.

£5 + VAT

Tobii Eye Tracker Case

It can be easier and safer to support your eye tracker in a specialised, made to measure, case purchased directly from Tobii.

£14.99 + VAT

Lexplore Bookmarks

Help engage your pupils and encourage them to read more by purchasing a pack of 30 mixed Lexplore bookmarks each with one of 4 reading jokes.

£10 + VAT

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