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How technology can drive classroom efficiency!

COVID-19 has caused huge disruption for all those in education, including teachers, who according to a report by ImpactEd, have experienced an exponential increase in workload and working hours. Now that children have returned to the classroom, it is important that we reflect on the lessons learnt throughout the pandemic so that we can better support teachers and pupils this new school year.

It is clear that technology has played an integral role when it comes to supporting the shift to blended and online learning. Both teachers and pupils have spent a lot of time over lockdown with laptops and tablets at the kitchen table, so now is a great time for schools to think about how they can harness the power of technology to create a more efficient classroom.

Not only can EdTech help reengage children with face-to-face learning, but it can also help to reduce classroom pressures for teachers, especially when it comes to assessment practice and marking. Pre COVID-19, The Teacher Workload Survey reported that teachers spend, on average, around 20.1 hours per week on administration, marking, lesson planning and management tasks.

When it comes to post-COVID education, it is important the address this imbalance and reduce the time teachers spend on non-teaching tasks so that they can instead spend more time supporting pupils returning to learning.

At Lexplore Analytics we wanted to learn more about how we could help give back time to teaching. So, in October 2022, we partnered with Whytek Consulting in an efficiencies project, comparing traditional PIRA and SATs reading tests with our AI based assessment and analytics.

The findings were astounding, highlighting how our technology can help give back huge amounts of time for teaching. For PIRA / SATs, 50% of time was spent printing and marking. For Lexplore, 53% of time was spent on analysis of results and planning interventions. Using our technology the school was able to cut down overall testing time by over 54% ( 734 minutes as opposed to 1260 and 2520 ).

Post COVID it is important to recognise how technology can help schools redistribute teachers’ time away from mundane tasks to more professional functions which better support pupils’ continued development. To find out more, you can read the full Paper vs Tech report below.

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