Improved Equality

Recently there has been a focus on reducing the attainment gap between pupils from different backgrounds, as even though the aim is for all children to obtain an adequate education, inherent differences can often make this a challenge.

“Lexplore provides us with a completely unbiased way to assess our children, regardless of their situation and background.”

Our method offers a new, effective way to assess the reading attainment of all pupils in a school or LA in exactly the same way, with minimal influence from external factors. In this way, we can help ensure that all children with reading difficulties are identified early and given the tailored support they require. Our objective results have also enabled teachers to spot important patterns relating to literacy and achievement in the classroom.

“We found that those who read faster out loud than in their head were children who do not read at home, and often come from low income backgrounds. Knowing this has given us an opportunity to work directly with those families and encourage more reading at home.”

In today’s classroom, it is not uncommon for teachers to have a large proportion of pupils with English as an additional language. Many join half way through the year brimming with ideas and desperate to join in, yet lacking the words they need to fully engage with their learning.

Our technology helps identify pupils finding reading difficult regardless of their fluency in English and importantly can highlight underlying reading issues which could be masked by a lack of language knowledge. By levelling the educational playing field in the way, Lexplore can help all children on their reading journey regardless of their different backgrounds.


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