IT Essentials – Setting up and Getting Started!

We are delighted to welcome Mark Fraser for this informative webinar, which is the first of our 2 part series of webinars focusing on setting up and getting started with IT in school! Mark is an experienced Digital Learning Advisor with over 30 years knowledge of supporting teachers in the education sector.

IT Essentials for Teacher Technophobes!

Teaching in todays’ classroom it’s hard not to marvel at just how digital pupils are! Children born in the early 2000s, Generation Z, have grown up surrounded by technology and often struggle to imagine a life any different.

However, teaching children who can often use iPads before they can write, are fluent in emojis and live in an age where there is an app to answer every need presents a unique challenge for every class teacher.

This exciting webinar, which is the first of our two-part CPD certificated series, will explore some of the most essential IT knowledge needed for teachers in school. Technology isn’t straightforward, so Mark has collected together some common classroom problems and will answer some of the most fundamental questions teachers need support with every day.

What is a network? Why can I not connect to Wi-Fi? How do I connect 2 screens? What is a proxy? What is whitelisting?

If you find yourself unable to answer these common questions, then out IT Essentials Webinar Series is a great place to start!

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