Lexplore Testimonials...

Jayne Mullane

Headteacher • Mersey Vale Primary School

“We have found the results of the screening confirm and back-up other assessments that we carry out in school as well as highlighting some children (particularly girls and those who use coping strategies to present as confident readers) who may have a reading difficulty that has not previously been recognised.

The screening process is quick, straightforward and easy to manage within the normal day-to-day organisation of school. The presentation of results is clear, visual and easily accessible both with regard to whole class/ school outcomes and individual results. We especially like the ability to watch the actual recording of eye-movement whilst hearing the child read aloud.

We are impressed by the privacy of the results which require appropriate security measures to access. The results have enabled us to plan more targeted intervention and adapt quality first teaching to meet the needs of all children.

We are planning to use the results within forthcoming transition meetings between class teachers. Feedback from children was really positive and they are looking forward to the next screening sessions.”

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Bernadette McLean

• Former principal of the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre

“ If we don’t want struggling readers to lose confidence, we need to radically change how and when we pick up on literacy issues. Current reading assessments are simply not good enough. When we look at a standard test score in isolation, it tells us that a child can’t read. It doesn’t tell us why that child can’t read. Lexplore gives us much more than a simple score or percentile, making it easier for teachers to uncover the potential reasons why a child cannot read. “

” Teachers are already under a huge amount of pressure in the classroom, so it’s imperative to get as much information into their hands as possible about children’s literacy. New developments in AI technology by Lexplore are paving the way for exactly this. By using AI technology to monitor how a child’s eye moves when reading – in a way that’s quick, easy and fun for the child – it’s possible to gain incredibly detailed insight into how his or her brain is processing text at different levels. “

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Anna Brookes

Teaching Assistant • All Saints' CE Academy

” The Lexplore assessment programme really is the gift that keeps on giving! Training and support from the Lexplore team has been exemplary and from our 1st training session we knew we were in good hands and were investing in something fantastic for our children. ”

” The assessments were easy to carry out and I found that the children were relaxed and unphased by them, some have even asked when we are doing them again! The results are instant and within a short space of time we had a very clear understanding of where our children were, where the gaps were and what we needed to focus on. Following a very unsettled educational year this insight has been invaluable as we wanted to hit the ground running and support our pupils as best as we could.”

” Each child receives individualised recommendations of interventions. As a learning professional you are able tailor and adjust these as you go along. This fluidity has meant we have had some very productive weeks and are already seeing results. Not only are children benefitting from the phonetical advantages of the programme, but this is also translating into their confidence and ability in writing and spelling in class. It has helped them adjust back to focusing for periods of time following such a long time out of the classroom, which is hugely beneficial. “

Fiona Tomlinson

KS1 Teacher • All Saints' CE Academy

” We were looking for a programme that would provide us with accurate and comparable reading data, as well as support us in identifying areas where pupils as struggling and generate bespoke interventions for us to run with. We then found Lexplore Analytics and that is exactly what it does! ”

” Lexplore has enabled us to identify children who need extra support with their reading. It is quick and easy to assess the whole class. The fact that it pinpoints exactly what the gaps are makes it easier to target interventions and the progress we have seen has been almost instant! The results have been far more in-line with teacher’s assessments than any other reading tests that we have tried. The children also enjoy the interventions and the impact is already evident in their progress. “

Andrea Welter

Assistant Headteacher • Elston Hall Multi-Academy Trust

” With Lexplore, it takes five minutes per pupil for the assessment and we have in depth results at our fingertips immediately. Children love taking the test, especially those that struggle with self-esteem. It’s non-intrusive and so better for pupils’ wellbeing, which is a priority at the moment. It should be part of the recovery curriculum for every school. ”

We are having great success using Lexplore with our Year 6 students.  It highlights our more able students who are skimming text as they are reading, and it’s really important for us to correct this before they progress towards exams as they can skip vital instructions and lose marks. The tests also help with SATs access arrangements.  The results provide a pupil’s reading and processing times, which gives us the accurate evidence we need to submit a request for extra time during tests. ”

” The assessment is effective in identifying pupils with reading challenges.  You can track them through the year and immediately see whether interventions are working. The test has also uncovered pupils with undiagnosed eyesight or vision issues.”

” The Lexplore team not only provide the assessment, but give you all the support materials and suggestions for interventions too. Their webinars on dyslexia have provided invaluable extra support to our teaching team. Support is also second to none.  Their team is very hands on and provide first rate advice as and when you need it. I’ve never experienced such amazing support for an EdTech product. ”

” Often as a teacher, you see a child struggling to read and think, I wish I could go inside their head and see what the issue is.  Lexplore lets us do that. We can look at the movement in pupils’ eyes and see how their brain processes information.  It provides a window into how pupils read.”

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Wendy Francis-White

Assisstant Headteacher • Hawkedale Primary School

” One of our pupils had been scoring below average in literacy practice questions for her SAT assessment, which was a real concern. Using Lexplore Analytics, we could identify that it was phonics and reading comprehension she was struggling with, which meant her class teacher could focus the intervention on these specific areas. The child’s parents were brought in to help too and as a result of the targeted support from home and school, the pupil went on to achieve a higher than expected score in her SATs.

Another child clearly loved reading but tended to choose books that were aimed at much younger children. Both parents and her teacher had concerns that the child’s behaviour might indicate dyslexia.

Lexplore, however, showed that her reading ability was above average and that while she seemed to enjoy less challenging books, she was perfectly capable of reading a broader choice of material. Knowing this, her parents and teachers started to encourage the child to select books that she would enjoy, but would also match her reading abilities. In this case, Lexplore helped us prevent a child from potentially coasting. “

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Adam Luxford

Data Protection Officer • Freemantle C of E Community Academy

” Thanks to Lexplore we now have a rigorous and quick method of assessing children’s reading ability. We can assess children without adding to the work load of class teachers, with the intention of providing effective interventions without creating unnecessary admin.

We will be able to quickly and confidently identify problem areas where interventions may be necessary. Lexplore has also given us the tools for tracking the progress of interventions overtime.

The portal is very clear, straight forward and is easy to use and understand. The data is displayed in a very visual manner giving you an in depth overview at a glance. Being able to see the child’s eye movements has also been fascinating, insightful and at times mesmerising. The assessment has also helped to highlight pupils with optical impairments and those that may require reading glasses.”

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Elizabeth Monaghan

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator • Freemantle C of E Community Academy

Having an unbiased way to assess children’s reading ability can help. Once the foundations of reading in English are in place, we use Lexplore.

The assessment helps us identify which pupils find reading difficult regardless of their fluency in English. And importantly, we are now able to spot possible underlying reading issues which could be masked by a lack of language knowledge.

Assessments that are less reliant on fluency in English give us a more accurate picture of pupils’ reading attainment which we can continue to measure during their time with us.”

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Rhiannon Chantler

Assisstant Headteacher • Werneth High School

” When pupils join a secondary school in Year 7 it’s a real challenge for teachers to work out what levels they are at, particularly in reading and writing. Most schools have multiple feeder schools, and there is no uniform system for progress reporting. What Lexplore Analytics delivers in a few minutes is an accurate insight into reading, which can also help us determine whether there are any issues.

Establishing what level pupils are at early in Year 7 is critical to get them working at the right level, without wasting time. “

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Aimee Cave

SENDCO and Assistant Headteacher • Pocklington Junior School

Lexplore is an excellent tool for assessing whether pupils require extra time in SATs tests. You can quickly determine whether a pupil is reading quickly enough and know that you will have an accurate, objective answer alongside the evidence base to prove this.

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Nancy Gedge – SEN Resource

Nancy Gedge • Coordinator of the Ormerod Resource Base

 This is a great tool, very useful. There are online dyslexia screeners around but their technology is an interesting take on it that can give insights into reading difficulties. Really easy to use and I can’t see this dating.

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Sarah Zaman – Digital Device

Sarah Zaman • The Regional Coordinator for Computing at Schools North West Manchester

 A new way of assessing children’s reading ability using the latest AI and is extremely useful in detecting problems that sometimes can go unnoticed in a busy classroom. It assesses reading attainment in just a few minutes by measuring individual eye movement patterns and has a very comprehensive set of results. “

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KS2 • Mersey Vale Primary School

“It was a better reading test for me as it was on a computer screen and I prefer this. It didn’t seem like doing a test”

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KS2 • Mersey Vale Primary School

” I found it more enjoyable than other tests that we do because it was fun, short and less tiring. The stories were interesting and I wanted to read them to find out what happened.”

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Trevor Hensley

Red Five

” We recently added Lexplore to our portfolio as Literacy is an increasingly important subject in schools and the ability to read well is the foundation of a student’s learning and their future outside of school.

Lexplore is a unique product that, through the use through the use of AI and eye tracking technologies, teachers can test a student in just a few minutes, and then, armed with clear and repeatable results, they can set up interventions and reading improvement plans that will bring rapid improvements to their students reading ability.

I have worked in the EdTech market for many years and have seen schools spending squeezed every year, we have chosen Lexplore as it represents great value for money as well as helping students improve their literacy. “

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